Salaam Schalom (2018) follows the work of the two activists Armin Langer, a Hungarian Jew, and Larissa Iman, a German Muslim. With their intercultural initiative Salaam-Schalom they stand up for solidarity and a peaceful coexistence between religious groups in Germany.
This is a documentary my friend Janos Fischer and I produced as part of our bachelor thesis for university. From the first email we wrote in the preproduction phase to the final export, the project took eight months of work. It premiered at the 2018 SWR Doku Festival in Stuttgart. 
Camera: Janos Fischer, Frieder Schmalzhaf
Archive footage: JFDA e.V., Neues Deutschland, Ruptly GmbH
Edit: Janos Fischer, Frieder Schmalzhaf
Vision: Janos Fischer, Frieder Schmalzhaf
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Susanne Marschall und Kurt Schneider

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